Winter Program 2015

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Our Winter Program is an accelerated English language curriculum, designed to help students rapidly improve their speaking, writing, presenting, and thinking skills. Our students will become stronger, more confident speakers and writers with presentations, debate, drama, and improv, baking, and art, all done in a fun, active environment. Winter Program at GEA means making big improvements while still enjoying their Winter vacation!
Each week will have a different theme, like Business, Culture, or Our Earth. Each week will include at least one video recorded presentation from each student, posted to their own personalized GEA Diary, as well as essays, stories, artwork, and projects. Class sizes are small, so each student will receive individual attention and personalized lessons.
The program is 4 weeks: 12/28 – 1/22, but each week has its own theme and lessons, so students can choose to join any or all of the weeks.
1 week: 500.000w     2 weeks: 850.000w     3 weeks: 1.150.000w     4 weeks: 1.400.000w
Choose either:
1. Morning session, 9am – 1:30pm
Lunch, 25.000w per week
2. Afternoon session, 1:30pm – 6pm
Snack is included
Shuttles are available for 25.000w per week.
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to sign up! You can register by filling out this form.

Below is a sample one week curriculum for Elementary students:

Download (PDF, 110KB)

Here is a sample one week schedule for our Kindergarten students:

Download (PDF, 54KB)